Brain Drain: For or Against?

Brain drain is a common phenomenon in the world, especially in the under-developped countries. It means the movement of highly qualified people from their home country to another one, driven by the lacks of development opportunities in their home land. Brain drain can be bad for the home country, but it can also be positive.

Why Brain Drain is bad:

-It slows the rate of investments for the homeland.

-the home country lacks behind in terms of development and growth in the economic sector in general.

-It adds up to under-development or under investment on the available local resources of the home country.

-It is simply a betrayal to leave the government who spent great amounts of money and effort in the education  to try and  get better results and increase development.

-It increases the gap between the poor countries and the developed ones, making the under-developed countries poorer, and the developed ones richer.


Why Brain Drain can be good:

-It effects the globalization by connecting the economies of the world. Economy in form of money is invested all around the world that helps the poorer nation to develop.

-It’s a better opportunity for people who migrate to express and give life to their creative ideas in a cheerful, encouraging and open environment.

-People who migrate get a better lifestyle. Their families and relatives are benefit aswell.

So, using these arguments, are you for or against Brain Drain?