Exercise 1

Put the words in brackets in the correct present tense .

  • The earth (circle) the sun, but it (circles, not) the moon. Key
  • Every Thursday morning, Mrs Smith (drive) her kids to the tennis club. Key
  • Sue (work) as a secretary at Bromley International Bank, but this summer she (study) German at a language school in Berlin. That is why she is in Germany. Key
  • Keep quiet! The baby (sleep). Key
  • Sheila (have) a severe headache for several hours. Key
  • He (hate) living in Britain because it (rain) a lot. Key
  • I'm sorry I can't hear what you (say) because everybody (talk) so loudly. Key

Exercise 2

Put the verbs in brackets in the past tense .

  1. They (watch) an American movie when Sue called last night. Key
  2. If I (drink) so much coffee, I would not be able to sleep. Key
  3. I'm really hungry because I (not, have) breakfast this morning. Key
  4. I (fall) off my bike yesterday, but I (not, hurt) myself. Key
  5. Allan (get) wet while he (walk) in the rain.Key
  6. They (slip) and (fall) while they (climb) the mountain. Key
  7. I (can, not) see you yesterday. I (be) out of town. Key

Exercise 3

Put the verbs in brackets in the correct future tense .

  • They (climb) the Himalaya Mountains this time next year. Key
  • Nancy (take) her final exams in a couple of days’ time. Key
  • By 2025, Mr. Smith and his wife (retire). Key
  • The maid (clean) the rooms tonight. Key
  • In five years’ time, the local authorities (build) a new hospital in this area. Key
  • “I’m not certain you (pass) your driving test,” Betty told James. Key
  • I (have) a cup of tea and (watch) football this time next Sunday. Key

Exercise 4

Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense .

  1. I don't understand you. What (you, talk) about? Key
  2. By the end of 2007, Susan (teach) English for ten years in South Korea. Key
  3. Mr. Smith (travel) widely since he was 16. Key
  4. How long you (work) as a computer programmer?Key
  5. If you (not, find) my wallet, I would have been very sad. Key
  6. The leader of the party (talk) for hours about nothing. Key
  7. (You, go) to the pictures next Sunday in the evening? Key

Exercise 5

Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense .

  1. The athletes (train) for the Olympic Games at the moment. Key
  2. How long you (work) in this school? Key
  3. Call on me after midday. I (arrive) home by then. Key
  4. She (promise) herself she would never make the same mistake again. Key
  5. “(You, can) park your car over there,” the policeman told the driver. Key
  6. My uncle (take) me to pictures tomorrow. Key
  7. (You, sing) at Kate’s birthday party two days ago? Key