Circle the words that complete the sentences correctly. 1 - I've had my camera stole / stolen. 2 - I wish I known / knew how to direct a film, but I'm afraid I don't. 3 - The critics might / must have been impressed with the acting, but I'm not sure. 4- We get delivered our papers / our papers delivered every morning. 5 - They'd better / ought to have their party at the weekend. 6 - You can't / mustn't have lost the invitations because they were on your table five minutes ago. 7 - I wish I can / could get a job in the firm industry. 8 - You'd better not to watch / watch that horror film because you'll have nightmares if you do. 9 - We knew she'd been running because she was out of wind / breath when she arrived. 10 - The missing boys were found safe and sound / sure this morning. 11 - Get an extra bottle / jar of jam from the supermarket, please. 12 - Several attempts have been done / made to steal the jewels, but no one has been successful. 13 - Women used to hold / take it for granted that if a man took them out, he would pay for everything. 14 - The schoolchildren were in high / tall spirits as they got ready to go on an excursion. 15 - When a driver knocks someone down and doesn't stop, it's called a hit and run / go accident.


Stolen Knew Might Our papers delivered Ought to Can't Could Watch Breath Sound Jar Made take high run