Cette page comporte des mots et expressions utiles en anglais que vous pourrez employer lors de vos prochains writings.

Introduire :

 First of all: Tout d’abord, avant tout

For a start = To begin with: pour commencer

As an introduction : en guise d’introduction

It is commonly said that… : On dit communément que …

Ordonner ses idées :

To begin with = first = firstly = first of all = in the first place : d’abord

First and foremost: en tout premier lieu

Secondly = in the second place : deuxièmement

Thirdly : troisièmement

Then = next : ensuite

Lastly = finally = eventually : finalement

Présenter son point de vue :

 From my point of view = in my view = in my opinion = personally (selon moi)

As far as I’m concerned = if you ask me

It seems to me that : il me semble que

I have the feeling that: je sens que

 I am well aware that : je suis conscient que

We are given the impression that : on a l’impression que

It may be noticed that : on peut noter que

As for : quant à

Regarding = concerning : concernant

As far as … is concerned = according to … : selon

Donner des exemples :

 For instance : for example

That is to say : c’est-à-dire

Let’s take the example of : prenons l’exemple de…

Let us consider the example of : considérons l’exemple de…

There is a striking example of : il existe un exemple frappant de…

Pour conclure :

 In conclusion I would say that… : Pour conclure, je voudrais dire

In short = in brief : en bref

To put it in a nutshell : pour résumer

To put it differently: De le dire différemment

Generally speaking: en general

In most cases : dans la plupart des cas

Vous pouvez également varier vos expressions comme par exemple :

Good: excellent, interesting, thrilling, great, fine, pleasant …

Important: major, crucial, significant, essential, serious …

Interesting: motivating, exciting, attractive, appealing, entertaining …

Problem: issue, topic, question …

Speak: be about, have to do with, deal with, evoke, mention, refer to, focus on …

I think: in my opinion, as far as I’m…

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