Hi everybody. For the students who asked me about writing’s topics, I have found for you plenty of them after a small research. So, here are topics about different writings on various kinds of essays:

A) Expository writing:

My futur career!
Everyone has an idea of what they would like to do when they “grow up”. Think about the career you would like to have when you finish school. Think about why you would like to have this career. Write a paper explaining what career you would like to have when you “grow up”. Explain at least three reasons why this is what you would like to do. Use specific details to explain and support your reasons. Use adjectives and descriptive words to make your paper interesting to read.
Children spend a lot of time watching television. Have you thought much about the programs and advertisements you watch? Can you tell the difference between what happens on television and what is real? Write a passage that demonstrates that you do know the difference.
My best friend!
Best friends are special people in our lives. Think about you best friend and reasons that you like him or her. Think about things that you enjoy doing together. Write a paper telling about your best friends. Include at least three reasons why he or she is your best friend. Remember to use specific details to explain and support your reasons. Use interesting adjectives and descriptive words to make your paper interesting to read. Include a short personal story about your best friend to help explain one of your reasons. This can be started by using the words: “An example of this is”…or “I remember one time when”.

B) Narrative writings:

Things that bug you:
What bugs you? Write a passage about some of the things that bug you the must. Be sure that you give examples and explain why these things bug you and what you would do to change them.
What if you had three wishes?
There are many stories that talk about people getting three wishes that come true. Think about this for a moment! What if you had three wishes? The catch is, your entire family knows that you have three wishes and you have two younger brothers or sisters who want “their fair share!” The other problem is, as in all good fairy tales, you can’t wish for more wishes. Write a story about how you received three wishes and what you wished for. Remember to use exciting details, and colorful adjectives to make your story interesting.
What if you were invisible?
It’s one of those mornings. You woke up late and hardly have time to get ready for school. You rub your eyes, splash water on your face and look in the mirror to comb your hair. You can’t see yourself. You rub your eyes again. You still can’t see yourself in the mirror…Think about the following questions: What are advantages and disadvantages to being invisible? What whould you do for a day if you were invisible? How would you return to normal again? How would you feel if no one could see you? Write a story about your day as an invisible person and how you returned to normal! Remember to use interesting details and adjectives to make your story exciting to your reader!

C) Descriptive writings:

What is your favorite season?
Each season of the year is beautiful in some way. Think of which season is your favorite: winter, summer, spring or fall. Think of what your town looks like during that season. What does it feel like? Is there a smell or taste to it? Now write an essay describing an outdoor scene during your favorite season of the year.
Tell us about your thunder storm experience
Everyone has been in a thunder storm. Think back to when you last experienced a thunder storm. What was it like? What were the sights, sounds, smells, testes, and feelings during the storm?
Describe a thunder storm so that you reader can experience and picture it.
A special ring?
Imagine that someone gave you a very special ring. What does this ring look like as it sits on your finger? How does it feel? Is it heavy?
Is there a taste to it? How does it sound if you rap it on the desk?
Does it smell? Describe this ring down to the last detail so that your reader can picture it on your hand.

D) Persuasive writing:

Closing the library:
In order to save money, your principal is thinking about closing the school library, or media center. Write a letter to your principal persuading him or her to keep it open. Give as many reasons as you can to support your position.
Television VS Education!
It has been said that Television has little real educational value. What is your opinion on this issue? Write an essay stating your opinion and supporting it with convincing reasons. Be sure to explain your reasons in detail.
The move:
Your family is moving and wants your opinion on where to buy a new home. Should it be in a neighbourhood in a city or on a farm in the country? Where would you like to live? Write a letter to your family persuading them to choose a home in the place you want to live. Give at least 2 reasons why you want to move there.