Composé d’étudiants passionnées des Technologies Microsoft, Le Laboratoire Microsoft @ VINCI a organisé le 03 Décembre 2014 un séminaire sous le thème : Intégration des Outils Cloud Perfecto Mobile dans Team Foundation Server et Microsoft Visual Studio 2013. Le séminiare a été animé par Mr Hassan FADILI (Voir profil en bas de page )Programme :

1- Visual Studio and Cloud Based Mobile Device Testing

“How do you develop and test apps on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices?  You leverage the Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) solutions and Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) integrations. For example, for IOS and Android development, use solutions from ITRMobility and Xamarin to develop within the Visual Studio IDE using .NET.  You can use Xcode, Eclipse, or IntelliJ and integrate with Team Foundation.  Then you test your mobile application using Perfecto’s Mobile Cloud solution. Mobile applications can require complex testing on specific devices for which the acquisition and maintenance can be expensive.  Especially for devices based on Android as there are so many variations.  Emulators are useful but can be expensive and inaccurate.  The best solution is to test your mobile applications on the actual device using Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management (VS ALM) and TFS tooling enabling an end-to-end Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) experience.  Deploying your application on the actual device, testing from anywhere globally, and integrating with Visual Studio and TFS provides incredible business value. In this session you will see how to install and setup Visual Studio and TFS to use the Perfecto Mobile MobileCloud for TFS solution.  This session contains also how to use the Perfecto Mobile solution within the Visual Studio 2012 / 2013 RTM ALM Virtual Machine or your own VM or local desktop.  In addition, Hassan Fadili will discuss the architecture, the mobile cloud, testing of real devices, ScriptOnce, the integration with Visual Studio and Microsoft Test Manager, and the end-to-end scenario.”

2- How Application Insights can help you “Ensure your application’s availability, analyze your application’s usage and detect and diagnose performance issues?”

“Application Insights is not just an operations tool for determining performance or user behavior. It’s truly part of the development process. Application Insights is my one stop shop for a global view of the health and performance of all my applications. It helps me quickly identify priorities so that we can focus on what matters most to our organization. 

Application Insights has given the customers a comprehensive view of their service behavior, reliability & performance. It’s an essential tool that is used daily by their Engineering team to review and understand how their production services are working. The deep insights they’ve gotten through use of the product have helped them identify areas of instability, prioritize engineering investments and provide a better service for their customers.”

Who is Hassan FADILI ?

Hassan Fadili is Freelance Lead Architect /Consultant and VS ALM Consultant/Trainer at FadiliCT Consultancy. Hassan has been working with Visual Studio Application Life Cycle Management full-time since 2005. Hassan has worked with a variety of companies ranging in size from just 10 employees up to some of Netherlands’s largest companies and government institutions. Hassan is the founder and track owner of the VS ALM (DotNed)User Group Netherlands. Hassan has presented VS ALM sessions several times for this and other user groups and at Microsoft Events. Hassan is a Microsoft MVP (Visual Studio ALM) and a member and speaker of the INETA User Group. Hassan is also active as ALM Ranger with more contributions for several ALM Rangers projects. He is also the board member and ALM Track-Owner of the DotNed (.NET & VS ALM User Group Netherlands)